Viewing Offers - Making It Easier For You!

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30-11-2006 19:38:50

Hey FiPG users,

In an effort to make it easier for you to view all the offers on a specific site (from the Gift Chaos Network), we have added the 'View Our Offers' feature to all our sites - iPod Chaos [=http//]iPod Chaos , Gaming Chaos[=http//]Gaming Chaos, Games Chaos[=http//]Games Chaos, and Points Chaos[=http//]Points Chaos.

On each of our sites, next to the 'Log-In' tab, you will now see the 'View Our Offers' tab. When clicking on the 'View Our Offers' tab, it takes you to a page that shows you a real-time updated replica of the offers page on the actual site. Though, this 'View Our Offers' page only shows the offer name, credit value, and credit time. You'll have to join to see the description and requirements.

Here are the quick links for the 'View Our Offers' pages
iPod Chaos [=http//]iPod Chaos

Gaming Chaos[=http//]Gaming Chaos

Games Chaos[=http//]Games Chaos

Points Chaos[=http//]Points Chaos

See you at Gift Chaos! )