Free Refs at the getstuff4free network

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Getstuff4free Kyle

28-11-2006 20:24:33 is a new network in the freebie scene and we want to drum up some support for our sites. We only have two so far (with more coming - pm me if you have anything you'd like to see). So to help get people interested in our sites, we will be offering a free referral for everyone who signs up unreferred. Simply sign up and open a support ticket asking for it and it will be credited to your account (it will show up on your status page as requiring one less referral).

Our sites are - which offers cash (paypal, simon gift cards or amazon gift certificates) and authentic NFL jerseys (the expensive ones, not the cheap kind). which offers Zunes, ipods, Xbox360s, Wii, PS3 and cash (paypal, simon gift cards or amazon gift certificates)

Wiis and PS3s are of course subject to availability. You will receive them as soon as possible, but I can't make any guarantees on how soon that will be. Wiis shouldn't be too hard, though.

Also, if you can sign up for either yournintendowii4free, ordercash4free or cameras.123stuffforfree, I can give you an extra ref (for each site that you can sign up to - pm me for referral links).