$$$ WiiGame.FreeEnterprize PROMOTION - ONE DAY LEFT!

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FreeEnterprize Joe

28-11-2006 20:13:07

Hey all,

In order to boost interest in our slightly less-than-acclaimed WiiGame.FreeEnterprize, we have decided to host a promotion of grand stature! To be eligible for this promotion, you must sign up unreferred on http//WiiGame.FreeEnterprize.com and fulfill your offer requirements. The open a support ticket and your free referral will be credited! You will then be able to order if you choose or earn more referrals for your order. This promotion ends at the end of the month, ie Nov 30, so join now! All orders placed will still go out Monday, so join today!

[beb67fa1dee]All offer completions count towards the offer completion blitz so you have a chance to win $200 + your prize by participating in this promotion![/beb67fa1dee] shock

A bit of information about WiiGame.FE
-You can Custom Order ANY game or gaming accessory you would like.
-You aren't limited to WiiGames only
-You can even get paypal!
-Current Payout is $40/ref
-If your game is less than it's ref value, you can order another game, wiipoints card, or faster shipping!
-We CAN get Zelda for Nintendo Wii

If you have any other questions, let us know. Also, don't forget to vote for us in A4F's awards for Best New Network!

Join http//WiiGame.FreeEnterprize.com Today!

Free Enterprize

FreeEnterprize Joe

29-11-2006 12:44:28

The winner of the offer completion blitz will receive their $200 prize as soon as the results are tallied. So hurry up and join before the promotion is over!

FreeEnterprize Joe

29-11-2006 18:36:55

We are on offer #93 -- 7 more and someone/s will have a lot of extra cash!