CustomOrderThis a scam?

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Crouching Tiger Hidden Ga

28-11-2006 18:03:10

I'm on hold on customorderthis for using a proxy which I know I didn't do unless my isp (sbc yahoo) did something stupid.
So personally, I think this site is a scam.


28-11-2006 18:04:54

Why would you think this?
It is not my fault that you came to my site with a proxy, and 5 different IP's.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Ga

28-11-2006 18:06:53

My ip changes whenever my broadband modem is turned off and back on. And I did not set my comp up for using a proxy and I don't think sbc does any of that funny business like aol.


28-11-2006 18:07:25

It changes to a proxy?

Crouching Tiger Hidden Ga

28-11-2006 18:10:34

[quote3ca69f8e37="tman196"]It changes to a proxy?[/quote3ca69f8e37]Well I never set it up for a proxy so it's either your program that finds proxies or my isp.


28-11-2006 18:11:54


It's another one of those SBC Yahoo proxy incidents.

What some people don't understand, is that SBC Yahoo used to own many IPs which used to be proxies. Therefore, they are blacklisted. ?


28-11-2006 18:15:44

Really? If so, he will be taken off of hold.
He has been unheld. )

Crouching Tiger Hidden Ga

28-11-2006 18:17:28

Okay, then never mind this site's great! maybe you should get a better proxy detecter program thingy though.
Okay, resolved you can close this/delete etc.