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FreeEnterprize Joe

23-11-2006 22:54:16

Introducing the latest site from Free Enterprize
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The offers are the same as on all Free Enterprize sites.
The referral requirements are
-Games $40 and under -- 1 ref
-Games between $40-$80 are 2 refs, please note that if the total cost is $50 (as most newer games are) you can choose between 2000 wii points (to get the oldschool nintendo games), another game of choice (under $30), or One-Day Shipping.
Please note that [ube60555c30]you can order any game available on this site![/ube60555c30]
Also, we are instituting a new standard shipping policy
Orders placed by Friday will ship the following Monday. thumbsup

However, since this is a new site and this weekend is all about celebrating, [bbe60555c30]if you place your order before 5PM EST on Sunday, 11/26/06, we will ship your order on Monday, 11/27/06![/bbe60555c30]

Happy Thanksgiving!
Free Enterprize