Shh!... New Site Tomorrow!

Live forum:


23-11-2006 12:39:19

Thats right, sometime tomorrow we will be launching a new site. We are growing super fast and would like to reward our users with a great new site.

What type of site you ask?

Well, I guess you'll have to wait until tomorrow.

http//[" alt=""/img5a907788e8]


23-11-2006 13:17:49

But no international, right? cry


23-11-2006 13:53:38

Yep, we can do paypal for other countries besides USA, and if arranged, we can ship physical gifts to other countries. Just make sure the offer you complete is labeled (intl) or your corresponding country.


23-11-2006 14:40:43

I guess the biggest problem is to find offers that accept outside us/Canada .. or in my situation, Denmark..

I have signed up for two sites that accept me, but there is no offers to complete..

But I will take a look when its up ;)