Help bring A4F back Promo!

Live forum:


21-11-2006 16:14:49

This will run from now until November 31st. If you do an offer on the points site, and would rather have the points go towards A4F instead of yourself, you submit a support ticket saying which offer you want un-credited from your account, and all of the money I receive from that offer will go straight towards bringing A4F back. Once I get paid on December 15th by my affiliates, the cash will be paid to A4F via Paypal. )


21-11-2006 16:27:32

Good luck.


21-11-2006 16:35:17

Sounds good. Maybe update in this post the amount earned so far everytime an offer is completed.


21-11-2006 16:41:41

I will. I encourage all to participate!


21-11-2006 17:13:50

Thanks for the promo tman. As soon as I get some more info about the site (A4F) and what our plan is, I will most def be completing at least one offer to help out.