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20-11-2006 12:28:25



20-11-2006 12:35:40

Payments will be sent out tonight and tomorrow morning-afternoon. You can contact me at RNSupportJohn, I'm available a lot.


20-11-2006 12:39:23

[quote923225f752="Killer722"]Anyone else waiting on payment from GetRewardz? I've been trying to contact the 3 support people on AIM but they never answer. I'm getting worried...[/quote923225f752]
No need to worry. Remember my $950 and $450 payments? ^_^


20-11-2006 12:43:17

Thanks for answering Diablo. It's just that I've IMed all three support guys several times over the course of a few days and not once did I get an answer. I was just getting worried. Thanks for the reply. Thread obliterated.


21-11-2006 20:03:45

does it usually take so long?i think i submitted for approval in like october early, and missed that payout, ive been waiting like 1.5 months


21-11-2006 20:42:37

They payout the 20th of each month...after the month you ordered.

Contact support. That's strange you waited one and a half months.


21-11-2006 20:45:02

did anyone get their payout yesterday? or today? i know DIABLO said payout was delayed until today, but i didnt get paid today either, and i was approved and everything, i mean no sources for fulfillment needed for paypal....


21-11-2006 20:47:02

Contact these people on AIM

RNSupportJoe (admin)
RNSupportLouis (admin)


21-11-2006 20:48:00

EDITli got it late last night or this morning, dunno, but it was in my box this morning