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19-11-2006 09:45:09

If you place an order by the 20th (Tommorrow), you will get paid on the 1st of December. If you are hoping you can still get something by Christmas, and can't finish by the 20th, don't worry, because we will also ship out on December 15th! )


19-11-2006 09:46:37

Awesome! Cant wait for my wiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


19-11-2006 11:57:24

Yay I ordered today! Gift Card and Video Game from Points!


19-11-2006 21:21:07

The deadline to get paid on December 1st has now passed. Those who have placed their orders will get paid out. Don't worry though, cause those who haven't can still place it by December 1st to get paid by the 15th.


20-11-2006 16:34:20

More orders are being placed! Don't be left out of the 2nd shipment which is going out December 15th! Perfect for Christmas presents! You still have 11 days to finish up and place your order if you want to get paid on the 15th!