Increased payouts $44.44 per referral

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16-11-2006 21:25:08

Hi again everyone 8)

Just wanted to tell everyone I increased payouts on the rewards.

3 referrals = $100.00 ($33.33 average per referral)
6 referrals = $250.00 ($41.66 average per referral)
9 referrals = $400.00 ($44.44 average per referral)

I think this should make 2DollarDeal one of the top paying incentive sites!

Also donít forget our November promotions --->


1. Join un-referred and you only have to do one offer.
2. Do an extra offer referred or un-referred and be entered in a Plasma TV raffle

I hope everyone likes the new pay increases. 8)


16-11-2006 22:17:00

wow, i sure do, im definately going to complete this site dude


16-11-2006 23:08:24

[quote5bb2ad202c="zr2152"]wow, i sure do, im definately going to complete this site dude[/quote5bb2ad202c]

I like your signature 8) made me laugh


17-11-2006 09:26:58

This changes alot @_@ I was just gonna go for 3, but I might as well go for 6 now =P


17-11-2006 11:26:55

The reset password page is messed up


17-11-2006 12:06:14

[quote9069ba83c1="Tsmith10803"]The reset password page is messed up[/quote9069ba83c1]

I will fix this weekend. If you lost your password PM me here or AIM me at twodollardeal. Tell me what site and your username. I will give you a temp password and you can change once logged in.