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16-11-2006 14:30:44

Hello everyone,

The past month hasn't been easy at all regarding the SpeedyFreebies orders. I had originally promised all my SpeedyFreebies members that they would have their gift ordered on or before October 31st.
I kept my word, and I purchased all orders using the online Visa payment processor site "ePassporte[=http//]ePassporte".

[bbcdd0ad3b5][ubcdd0ad3b5]The SpeedyFreebies Delay Story[/ubcdd0ad3b5][/bbcdd0ad3b5]
Each and every order was placed before the end of October.
The gifts spent a few days in the pending process, which ePassporte told me was normal and that I should wait 2 - 5 business days for it to go through. After 6 business days I go and check to see if the payments went through. To my dissapointment, they were all still pending. I check my e-mail and find that I have tons of e-mails from,, and All my payments were declined.
So here the quest trying to get my funds back into my ePassporte starts. I make phone calls, send e-mails, faxs - you name it. I contact Amazon, Buy, and Simon. They all tell me it is ePassportes fault, and that ePassporte is holding the funds. I contact ePassporte and they tell me the opposite.
So I'm in the middle, two sides telling me that the other is wrong. Everyday I have to send a reply back to the representive, and then I have to wait a day or two for an answer. All the while members like you are getting impatient; I don't want to worry you, so I try to explain that I am undergoing some problems and that I should it get resolved within a couple days. But - before I know it, I've been doing this for 20 days.

Yesterday marked the 30th day for most of the payments, and most of my funds were returned.


SpeedyFreebies Orders - ALL SpeedyFreebies orders will be ordered during the dates of [bbcdd0ad3b5]November 17th[/bbcdd0ad3b5], [bbcdd0ad3b5]18th[/bbcdd0ad3b5], [bbcdd0ad3b5]20th[/bbcdd0ad3b5], and [bbcdd0ad3b5]21st[/bbcdd0ad3b5]. I am very sorry for this delay SpeedyFreebies users, I tried my hardest to get my funds back, but as you can see, it didn't work.

Gift Chaos Network Orders - All current Gift Chaos orders will be ordered [bbcdd0ad3b5]November 21st[/bbcdd0ad3b5], [bbcdd0ad3b5]22nd[/bbcdd0ad3b5], [bbcdd0ad3b5]23rd[/bbcdd0ad3b5], [bbcdd0ad3b5]24th[/bbcdd0ad3b5], and [bbcdd0ad3b5]25th[/bbcdd0ad3b5]. Sorry they can't go out sooner, but as you can see, some earlier issues need to be resolved.

After all these orders are shipped SpeedyFreebies site won't exist and the Gift Chaos Network will be better than ever. Look forward to great promotions, faster shipping times, and more great sites!

Thanks for understanding.
- Jay, Gift Chaos Owner