Thank you! And a little announcement

Live forum:


15-11-2006 19:09:31

Your response to GiftsInnovations was great! I would like to thank each users who have participated in GiftsInnovations sites.

I am also extremely happy to announce that more sites are planned to release. There will be a wider variety of gifts available from cell phones to flatscreens.

Our planned date is this Friday with 3 new sites. (4 but 1 will not be so new.)

Again, thank you to all the users who have participated. I hope more users complete the sites and receive their free gifts from GiftsInnovations!


15-11-2006 19:59:13

that's good to know! your network is great, I never received a gift two days after being approved, that was fast. This was for the PSP core pack. D


17-11-2006 13:57:22

I think you will like the new sites even better than the current ones.