ipodfree4me.com's "FREE GREEN" promotion

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13-11-2006 18:43:32

[bc01b475730]This promotion is open until Friday 500p.m. CST![/sizec01b475730][/bc01b475730]

That's right for this week only you can have your green for free. That means YOU do not have to do an offer. All you will have to do is get your required number of refs for your prize and that's it. So here are the rules.

[bc01b475730]Rule #1[/bc01b475730] - Sign up UNREFERRED! (Don't even ask for exceptions)
[bc01b475730]Rule #2[/bc01b475730] - Put in a support ticket through the site so I know who to give the free greens to. If you do not put in a support ticket, you will not get your green, it's that simple.

Just 2 pretty simple rules and that's it. So get signed up today!

Oh, and I almost forgot the best part.....

We will give away $10 PayPal (only PayPal) to every tenth person to sign up and send in there support ticket. I will keep up with this myself so you will have to trust me on this. It doesn't cost a thing to be in this promotion so you have nothing to lose!


13-11-2006 19:48:08

Awesome! signed up!


13-11-2006 20:33:48

Signed up too.

Has anyone ever been paid/received an item from this network?


13-11-2006 21:12:08

signed up as well


13-11-2006 22:14:39

signed up on both sites, awaiting activation email


13-11-2006 22:56:00

signed up


14-11-2006 04:52:14

[quote71f0c2dda5="zr2152"]signed up on both sites, awaiting activation email[/quote71f0c2dda5]
Remember, promo is only for ipodfree4me.com


14-11-2006 04:53:50

[quote5d276ece01="TFOAF"]Signed up too.

Has anyone ever been paid/received an item from this network?[/quote5d276ece01]
We have shipped out over $1000 between the 2 sites and have been running for about 6 months now.


14-11-2006 08:36:53

[quote67f9cd84c1="ipodfree4me_admin"][quote67f9cd84c1="zr2152"]signed up on both sites, awaiting activation email[/quote67f9cd84c1]
Remember, promo is only for ipodfree4me.com[/quote67f9cd84c1]

oh okay, well still signed up for both sites, hoping to complete them both anyways, haha )


14-11-2006 18:28:37

Anyone who has done this promotion, and has not received your green yet, please check your support ticket.



14-11-2006 18:40:58

Responded. Thanks. D


14-11-2006 18:56:05

[quotee783801252="TFOAF"]Responded. Thanks. D[/quotee783801252]
same, thanks!


14-11-2006 18:59:42

Darn, I would totally do this if it wasn't US only =0(