EnergyDrinks4Free still active?

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unknown uchiha

10-11-2006 00:43:31

My roommates and I kinda already finished my 12 pack of BAWLS that I got from Prizes4Points yesterday and we want more BAWLS.

Is the site still active?


10-11-2006 05:19:48

I was gonna start a thread like this, but couldnt log on yesterday. We used to see this guy everywhere, now hes gone. I want BAWLS tooo. lol


10-11-2006 05:22:48

I remember peple were getting a lot of gifts from this site in the past


10-11-2006 07:19:26

He was online the other day.


10-11-2006 11:42:25

i know his one site shut down, fastcash4free I believe, but the email that I recieved said to still try energydrinks4free cause it was still up and running, but that was like a month or so ago so I dont know what to tell you.


10-11-2006 16:15:39

his AIM is fastcash4free and he's really helpful. He told me they don't ship in the winter cuz bawls explode.


12-11-2006 13:27:05

Sure I'm still open.


If the temperatures get too low, I may not be able to ship them. (Freezes, glass breaks).

I'm still here, I just don't post anymore.


12-11-2006 13:28:59

I've been waiting for manual credit for about 2 months roll


12-11-2006 13:41:40

[quote6ae4412586="zdub08"]I've been waiting for manual credit for about 2 months roll[/quote6ae4412586]

I can't do anything about it if my affiliate doesn't give me credit. Sorry.


12-11-2006 19:24:59

if bawls freezes...just send pp equivallent

unknown uchiha

12-11-2006 20:27:44

I just want my Bawls =/

PP equivalent would be like $40 since shipping is a bitch.


13-11-2006 15:49:33

I've set the PayPal option for $30.