Free Enterprize Updates! (Almost time to award our promo!)

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FreeEnterprize Joe

09-11-2006 19:33:00

Hey All,

We've been busy here at Free Enterprize lately and everything is going strong! Here are some of the things we have to report
1. The Offer Completion Blitz is currently at 42 -- [bb53726c6bb]8 more offer completions and we will give out $50 to the user who completes the offer and $50 to the referrer.[/bb53726c6bb] (number accurate at time of posting)
2. We have 2 new sites
- http// (alternatively -- http// )
- http// (alternatively -- http// )
3. We have a new site design! It looks pretty cool -- check it out at any of our sites
4. We shipped our first order over a week ago -- and currently have none pending. We want to ship out gifts and so we need you to complete our sites!

We are currently working on adding even more offers as well as adding offer categories to our script to make things look neater. Anyhow, keep working on our sites and expect to see even more from us in the near future.

Free Enterprize Marketing

FreeEnterprize Joe

10-11-2006 17:35:01

5 more offer completions and $100 will be shipped out to the winner(s)

FreeEnterprize Joe

11-11-2006 23:24:42

rumor has it 3 more offer completions until the first prize goes out -- who is going to be the person to join wii, apple, & ps3 unreferred, complete an offer, and recieve $100?