An Exciting Night at Free Enterprize (aka NEW SITE!)

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FreeEnterprize Joe

05-11-2006 20:14:08

Hello All!

It's time to announce a brand new site in the Free Enterprize Marketing network! (aka

This site features the following prizes

iTunes Gift Certificate - 0 Referrals (custom amount)
iPod Shuffle - 2 Referrals
2GB iPod Nano - 4 Referrals
4GB iPod Nano - 5 Referrals
8GB iPod Nano - 7 Referrals
30GB iPod Video - 7 Referrals
80GB iPod Video - 9 Referrals
iPod Hi-Fi - 9 Referrals
1.66GHz Intel Core Duo Mac mini - 15 Referrals
20" Cinema Display - 18 Referrals
23" Cinema HD Display - 25 Referrals
17" iMac - 30 Referrals

The offers are the same as on all the other Free Enterprize sites.

Free Enterprize

PS Check out our other sites, http// & http// , too!


06-11-2006 16:17:45

Yay! Thanks Joe!


06-11-2006 16:46:06

How come a big jump from 4gb to 8gb?

unknown uchiha

07-11-2006 01:29:39

Probably to cover taxes and "even" it out ($40/ref payout means $240 for a $250 gift, so the $10 difference might have to be covered in the extra ref along with taxes and such)

FreeEnterprize Joe

07-11-2006 19:14:13

unknown uchiha is correct -- if the total comes out a bit less, I'll think of something extra to throw in. )