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28-10-2006 07:39:54

I don't really visit much anymore, but I thought people should keep an eye out for freenintendowiis. Did a quick search and didn't see much mention (other than in-progress trades), but the site is for sale at sitepoint


[quotede1d5ddc54]Reason for selling
The reason I am selling it is because I am currently looking at a new car. This site makes an average of $1100 a month from CPA advertising.

I will be totally honest with you, you will be bidding on a site with a debt of $250 but this site has a BIG FUTURE. I spent all my earnings on Nintendo Wii preorders therefore I do not have the money to send out the user his gift. I have sent 2 gifts in the past.[/quotede1d5ddc54]

Buyer must agree to pay $250 debt to the user. Once this debt is paid, you will earn the trust of many users which would increase your revenue.[/quotede1d5ddc54]


28-10-2006 07:45:22

whoa airkat sighting!

thanks for the heads up


28-10-2006 14:34:07

Fucking great, that user is ME!


28-10-2006 14:55:34



28-10-2006 17:01:06


I'm sure someone will buy it and pay you though, Its a very profitable venture


28-10-2006 22:27:04

you had exactly 1337 posts before you posted this! you ruined it man


10-01-2007 21:54:20

For the record, this bitch scammed me.


10-01-2007 22:05:04

[if26b5daf49]Sucks[/if26b5daf49], man.

The only thing worse than getting scammed by a trader is getting scammed by a site. I know how that goes. (


11-01-2007 06:28:33

sorry to hear that, i had 2 refs there then saw this awhile ago when airkat posted it


14-01-2007 18:56:56

wait so who is teh scammer??