HallowGreen - Gift Chaos Network Promotion!

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20-10-2006 18:54:25

We'd like to introduce everyone to our first ever Gift Chaos promotion - HallowGreen Raffle!

This raffle is open to all existing members, and any members who sign up. Users will complete one of our special promotion offers (most are free and non-credit card offers). Once you complete the offer and recieve credit for it, you will be entered into a 7 person raffle, for a free "green" referral. This referral will subtract 1 needed referral from your account!

[b914554744e]More information[/b914554744e]
-This raffle will start on Friday, October 20th, and end on Halloween (Tuesday, October 31st).
-If a promotion offer is completed, and there are already 7 slots taken, a new raffle will open up starting up a new 7 person raffle (thus creating multiple raffles).
-There are, at this time, 12 promotional offers.
-You may complete more then one of the promotion offers, and be entered into the raffle multiple times to increase your chances.

That is all for now, we hope you enjoy this promotion!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to contact us!

Have a nice day! )


21-10-2006 10:29:30

There are exactly 10 days left of this promotion. Get in quick!


22-10-2006 14:47:57

The offers are all noncredit card and easy!