Primo Dinero Sneak Peek Promo!!! UPDATED!! 10/29

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18-10-2006 11:24:19

People have asked us when the gift site is coming. Well it is coming soon!

But time being, we've added two gifts to as a 'sneak peek' as to what our ref rates will be.

The two gifts are

The new Apple Ipod 1 GB Shuffle for 1 referral


a $350 SuperCertificate for 5 referrals

Thanks for everyone's interest in PrimoDinero D


19-10-2006 10:23:21


In addition to the 1 GB shuffle and $350 supercertificate, we've added another gift selection just in time for Christmas!!!

TWO 4 GB Ipod Nanos (new style) for 5 refs.

As always we still have our Paypal options available also!

3 refs= $210
5 refs= $350
8 refs= $560

Have a great afternoon everyone! D


29-10-2006 09:30:48

The Sneak Peak Promo will be ending Nov. 1st.

At this time these particular gifts will be removed from the front page of Primo Dinero.

But fear not! For those who have selected these gifts, they will remain on your user dashboard and they will reappear on our gifts site that premiers on Nov. 17th.

Here are some of the other great prizes that will be offered, such as a Dyson DC14 Cyclone Animal Upright Vacuum that retails for $659.99 for only 8 refs.

How about a HP iPAQ™ Pocket PC with a 3.5" QVGA color display and 520MHz Intel® processor that retails for $399.99 for only 5 refs?

Not to mention the monster 80 gb iPod with Video Playback for only 5 refs.

Plus one more that we won't mention here, but trust us, it's a killer!

Thanks for making our promotions during our opening weeks a huge success and for those who are still a little leery, we have something coming just for you. Just so you may also experience a taste of the "Primo Experience" along with those who already have. There is only one word they use to describe it...sweet.

Low refs, high returns that's Primo Dinero wink