GetPaidToTry (Scam?)

Live forum:


17-10-2006 10:42:13


I've been having trouble with this DIY site They offer low cash payouts for each offer done. Anyway, I had $75.00 in completed offers and requested cashout on 9/28. Numerous times they lied to me saying first my check was sent on the 30th, then the 1st of Oct and then up until two weeks ago they say it was never sent out. This company is also falsly advertising; They say they payout through Paypal and e-gold clearly on their site and terms of service but when I asked them during live chat they said they only send checks now which seems kind of sketchy...they should atleast update their site.

Has anyone ever got paid from this site or know any information on them? They are a U.S based incentive site and I see alot of reports on them from and other various places. They never respond to e-mails and the only possible way you can contact them is through livechat every other day.

This network seems extremly shady, beware.


17-10-2006 10:49:13


This is one of many sites that claim this site to be a scam.