iPods site that Aussies can use

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17-10-2006 05:57:37

Hi All,

One of my friends got an iPod video from these guys only a few weeks after registering. 90% of the offers are free but some need a credit card.

I have done the eBay, QuickFlix and FSO offers to get my 100 pts. (only needed to enter my cc details once didn't cost me a cent and got some free DVD's).

I have 2 Referals completed but need some more to get my Video 30GB.

This is the site




17-10-2006 06:00:35

eng101 the rules apply to kangaroos too!


17-10-2006 06:16:08

Sorry I dont understand what that means exaclty?

EDIT sorry yes I do now, My Bad


17-10-2006 06:22:06

Thanks, please just read the rules before you start posting. We get so many "drive-by" referral link spammings, so it gets old and it usually illicits a rough response. Most of those people just post once and go on their merry way.

Glad to see you're sticking around. Welcome to the forums, just go ahead and change your signature to whatever you'd like (with no ref links) and enjoy your stay.