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Getstuff4free Kyle

16-10-2006 11:54:52

Hello, everyone.

I just opened a new network this weekend -

So far, I only have one site (more coming - I just want to get the hang of what I'm doing first), NFL Jerseys (the authentic ones, not the cheap ones) at

I'm planning on this being the first in hopefully many sites. Rather than starting a bunch off the bat, I'd rather start one that should hopefully generate some decent traffic, but not swamp me, and work the kinks out (if there are any) from the one site before I grow too big.

That also means that all feedback is greatly appreciated. I'd rather start off slow and still be here next year (and the year after that and the year after that.....) than start off with a bang and go bust in two months. Of course, even more than that, I'd like to start off successful and still be here next year (and the year after that and the year after that etc.)

A few random things.

I plan on shipping gifts out quickly. If you read the T&C, it says orders placed during the month will be shipped by the 20th of the next month. Don't get too worried about that. That's the worst case scenario deal, I plan on sending things out quicker than that. I don't know exactly when the first shipment will be because I'm waiting on some stuff from the bank (and of course, people to sign up for the site ), but if all goes according to plan, shipments should be quick.

Offers - The xx/10 setup for the partial credits is loosely modelled after the TRAINN sites where you can either do a full credit offer or get 50 points worth of partial credit offers. I liked it because you can mix and match more stuff. Likewise, some of the offers don't really fit elsewhere. They're more than half credit, but not quite enough (for my current structure) for full credit. Now you can do one of those and a no-cc offer (for example). I have a lot more offers to add (of varying point values).

Crediting - My site should have automatic crediting. If you're not receiving credit for an instant offer (or within the allotted time frame for any others), open a support ticket and I'll look into it. (Please remember to clear your cookies and turn off the pop-up blockers and all that jazz.)

As of now, it's only open to USA residents. Mainly because I don't want to add paypal because I've heard enough horror stories of paypal closing site owners' accounts and/or putting them on hold. That's why I'm offering the gift cards. Hopefully google will open their payment processor soon. I'll probably go with that (what doesn't google do?). I do plan on adding at the very least Canada before too much longer.