, Referral Requirement Reduced

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13-10-2006 18:52:07

The Refferal for[=http//] has now reduced. $1000 Paypal or GiftCard now only require 14 referrals and a PS3 60GB is now 9 refferals. We lowered the referral requirement after many suggestion from the users to do so.

Over 20 offer have also been added to all the Gifts Innovations[=http//]Gifts Innovations sites.

-Gifts Innovations

Offer List can be downloaded here


13-10-2006 18:56:57

What kind of offers are there? OOD for the $1000? or what?


13-10-2006 19:03:31

yea, how bout having an offerlist on the site. It would help.


13-10-2006 19:14:38

Heh, finally took my advice, eh? ;)


15-10-2006 20:30:26

[quoteb7945f85fa="Killer722"]Heh, finally took my advice, eh? ;)[/quoteb7945f85fa]

Yea i was adviced by many people to do so. We will consider any suggestions that we receive.