thistuffisfree months with no gift, and no answers

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11-10-2006 18:43:56

Well, after being told my gift was shipped, then after waiting and nothing, asking if it;s been shipped, getting the answer yes again, then asking for delivery confirmation numbers, getting the run around, getting told ill be getting it emailed, never getting it mailed, this is the latest chat with them

me delivery confiamtion number?
TSIFSupport hello
TSIFSupport I have still not received a reply from the Orde Department
TSIFSupport you did not receive your iPod today?
me it was from thisxbox360gearisfree
TSIFSupport sorry
TSIFSupport you did not receive your gift yet?
me nope was told id have it bout a month ago
TSIFSupport ok
me was lied to right off the bat because I dont think priority mail take several weeks todeliver
me last week was told id be getting the number
me several days ago told itd be mailed to me
me no email
me then 2 days ago
me same deal
TSIFSupport yeah
TSIFSupport priority is 3 days
TSIFSupport but i am just telling you what our vendor and order department told me
me which is?
me ?
TSIFSupport what?
me what did ur deaprtment tell me
me that it takes 3 days
me because it clearly hasnt come in 3 days
me let alone 3 weeks
me so sure seems as if nothing was ordered
TSIFSupport that's the USPS timeframe for priority mail
me yea
me been several weeks
me have not been given a delivery confirmation number
me all signs point to gift was never ordered
TSIFSupport like i said
TSIFSupport i am working on getting that number
TSIFSupport its something we normally do not give
me been working on that for over a week
me and told me id have it
me u normally dont give the number
me normally people get there gifts within 3 weeks
TSIFSupport okay
TSIFSupport what do you want me to do?
me to see if my gift has even been shipped
me dont u think its strange if u were me
me 3 weeks no gift
me keep getting told ull get the confiamtion number
me never get it
TSIFSupport yeah
TSIFSupport I am doing my best
TSIFSupport but its hard to make someone reply
me uve said uve been trying to get that number for over a week now
me if they dont respond to that theres something wrong
TSIFSupport i don;'t think so
TSIFSupport we last talked on the 7th
me what about weeks ago before that
TSIFSupport september
TSIFSupport well there was nothing at that point
me yea and was told it was being shipped
me priority
me and i was told it was "purchased and ready to go"
TSIFSupport that's all that i was told
me so whats the next move, just give up basically
TSIFSupport you are just going in circles
TSIFSupport I said i will get the number and email you
TSIFSupport and as soon as i get a reply i will do so
TSIFSupport is there anything else i can help you with/
me well was aleeady told through support ticket im not gonna get one
TSIFSupport get what the tracking number?
me , it is only a Delivery Confirmation number, so you will have your gift before the tracking number's status is even updated.

Thank you.

TSIF Support Team

me sure seems as if the support ticket system cant bother with helping out there customers
TSIFSupport okay
TSIFSupport you know
TSIFSupport i don't know why you are tell support that support sucks
TSIFSupport kinda pointless
TSIFSupport and i think they are just saying that the tracking number will not tell you anything
TSIFSupport until you get your gift
me no
TSIFSupport since its just delivery confirmation
me it shows that my gidt has been shipped
TSIFSupport not always
me it says number bla bla bla was scanned in
me that at least gives hope
TSIFSupport only if its been shipped from a post office
TSIFSupport if its shipped from a warehouse or was not purchased from a post office counter is will not have anything until its delivered
TSIFSupport well i am going to go
me it shows that theres a number
TSIFSupport is there anything else you need?
me may i ask who the vendor is
TSIFSupport i do not know
TSIFSupport i think they are purchased from best buy
me because last month when i spoke to u and u said the item was purchased and was going to be shipped
TSIFSupport and shipped from the order department
me seems there is no vendor
me best buy ships within a day
TSIFSupport well some are from amazon
me when u order offline
me do u have the chat records from last month
TSIFSupport all orders are shipped to order department and then to our members
TSIFSupport i am sorry
TSIFSupport but i have got to go
TSIFSupport goodbye
me ok well im gonna go ahead and post the convo
me thanks for the help
me can u be honest the reason u "have to go" is because you realize the facts dont add up, and honestly im not going to get my gift, im not gonna bother contacting support anymore because like I said how the facts add up

Silence after that bet yet support is still on.


11-10-2006 19:09:23

I wasn't aware they were big enough so that they'd have more than one department. lol


11-10-2006 19:10:48

[quotedced8d8159="johnjimjones"]I wasn't aware they were big enough so that they'd have more than one department. lol[/quotedced8d8159]
Yeah they have support, verification, ordering, shipping, and all kinds of made up things.


11-10-2006 21:07:53

I was told Amazon shipped them my ipod, so they shipped it to me. If its not here at the end of the week, we all might have to do something about this. How many people are waiting on items from this network?


12-10-2006 05:40:09

I say try my sites instead


12-10-2006 06:14:21

I love it when sites try to tell you "we don't normally give out (tracking) numbers." That is a big red flag right there -- DC/tracking numbers are primarily for the customer's peace of mind and verify that lisomethingli under that number was actually shipped.

I ship stuff USPS Priority all the time, printing my own labels and postage and dropping them off with my mail carrier. As soon as the DC number is generated, you at least get the "We have been electronically notified to expect your package..." message, which tells you the number is valid and was generated for a shipment. It's no guarantee of actual shipment of YOUR item, but it's something they could provide to a concerned customer if they wanted to satisfy them.

It's certainly within a customer's right to know their DC/tracking number. Sounds extremely shady to me...


12-10-2006 06:49:58

yea, thats what I was going in at the end of the convo, stating it just gives me hope, to have a number, what else i liked was how months ago i was told by the support my package was alll purchashed and ready to be shipped, indicates they bought it themself.

Now when asked about vender cant get an answer from them, well it's amazon and best buy, his two guesses, and I know they ship out like a day after or so, and I know I have always gotten tracking numbers from them.


12-10-2006 09:42:59

been about 64 days since i was approved

me get a delivery confirmation number at the meeting
TSIFSupport the meeting was not for TSIF
me so still no delivery confirmation number as the mail came today and there was nothing
TSIFSupport I am working on it
TSIFSupport again, i will email you it when i get it
TSIFSupport not like i am just sitting on it
TSIFSupport -)
me u also said ud be mailing me
me as in were typing the email
me several days ago
me and alone ive been asking for the delivery confirmation just this week alone
me if it was "shipped" it woulda been here by now
TSIFSupport okay
TSIFSupport and your point is?
me point is gift hasnt been shipped
TSIFSupport okay
TSIFSupport and you want me to do what?
me be easier if u just told me no wasnt shipped so i could stop asking about it
me instead of just saying no delivery confirmation number that your workin on it be easier on both of us
TSIFSupport really
TSIFSupport well i am just telling you what i've been told by the Order department
TSIFSupport if you want me to lie and tell you that it hasn't been shipped then that can be arranged
me i think the facts have said it already
me thanks bye
TSIFSupport bye

TSIFSupport if you want me to lie and tell you that it hasn't been shipped then that can be arranged

that make me crack a smile


12-10-2006 12:30:58

support for that site = piece of CRAAAP

go with free4every1 or another one


12-10-2006 20:40:04

i am now told my ipod will be here on the 18th. If it is not....then he will have a FIGHT on his hands. evil


13-10-2006 09:10:02

another day, no gift


13-10-2006 13:23:23

I'm waiting on an ipod nano and 90 paypal from them. I got my ds lite from them though.


14-10-2006 09:07:15

another day without a gift


16-10-2006 16:18:07

thanks thisstuff is free didnt get my gift today.


16-10-2006 16:26:15

I got my nano today! thanks


16-10-2006 16:29:33

U did? like for real?


16-10-2006 16:34:20

U did? like for real?


16-10-2006 16:35:20

Ya rly! check my brag bag. I'll post pics when I finish my hw


16-10-2006 16:36:40

how long u been processing?


17-10-2006 09:51:51

69 Days Been waiting for my gift

Over Or Under 100

My Guess Is Over

Thanks thisstuffisfree you guys are great.


17-10-2006 13:48:57

All of their sites are down at the moment, what gives?


17-10-2006 15:38:15

Hmm I got more lies from support

a week ago - it was shipped to them, and they had sent it out
2 weeks ago - I was to receive it tomorrow
TODAY - It has not even been sent out.

And here is what the whole conversation leads to
TSIFSupport i do not know

What great support. It looks like it is time to bring the BBB into this, as I know of several people who have not received goods. Anything else we can do, or we basically fucked?

LOL Oh yeah he said this as well

TSIFSupport well its getting to that point if you keep harassing me

Harassing him because I completed his site and my gift has not even been shipped? Harassing him by asking for my delivery confirmation number? Ok buddy....


17-10-2006 17:13:38

Here is from today

me hello
thisstuffisfree hi
me question about my account
thisstuffisfree ?
me been 69 days
me no gidt
thisstuffisfree ?
me ?
thisstuffisfree nogidt
thisstuffisfree ?
me No gift
thisstuffisfree ok
thisstuffisfree I need a little more information than that
thisstuffisfree user ID sitew
thisstuffisfree siteli
thisstuffisfree etc.
me thissxbox360gearisfree
thisstuffisfree your gift is enroute
me been enroute for amount a month now
me havent gotten a trackin number or anything
thisstuffisfree sjoujld be there between thurs and friday
thisstuffisfree shouldli
me heard that about 3 weeks ago
thisstuffisfree from?
me ur support
me been waiting for delivery confirmation number for about 2 weeks
me and just spoke to another member who was told there gift was shipped last week then told today it hasnt been sent out yet
thisstuffisfree ok
thisstuffisfree well if that user has a problem they can IM me also
me im just asking for an answer if my gift hasnt been shipped out just let me know so i can stop waiting and go buy the live ssucription myself
thisstuffisfree like I siad it will be there thursday or friday
me was it shipped yet
thisstuffisfree yes
thisstuffisfree marked for shipping 2day
me so today it was shipped?
thisstuffisfree boxed and ready to go
me cause I have heard boxed and ready to go before
thisstuffisfree awaiting pickup
thisstuffisfree Well look
thisstuffisfree you can take paypal instead and be done with it
me I would take amazon so I can just get the product that way
me but may i just ask why for weeks I have been told its shiped
thisstuffisfree mis communication im sure
me even on the site its said for awhile my order has been sent out
thisstuffisfree was likely an error
thisstuffisfree my appologies on behalf of the network
me why 69 days to ship out though
me u have to agree thats a very long time
thisstuffisfree It should have already been shipped and was over looked because the order status
thisstuffisfree typical shipment is about 3weeks
thisstuffisfree maybe 30 days
me u offered paypal can that be substiuted for amazon instead so i can just order the gidt through them
thisstuffisfree well if you dont mind waiting for a couple days to get it, it would be easier just t
me not trying to be a pain but then why did u offer paypal
thisstuffisfree +in the even that you could not wait another 2days
me well i think 69 days is a long enough wait and will take paypal if ur still offering it
thisstuffisfree ok
me u need my paypal addy here or should i add it to a support ticket or something
thisstuffisfree well ill tell you what, I can give you the code to redeem the 3months
me i wanted the whole package
me comes with headset
thisstuffisfree and Ill still send it
me 100 points
me then just send it since ur taking the orignal offer
me thursday or firday like u said
thisstuffisfree unfortunately Live is down for another 8hrs or so
thisstuffisfree -(
thisstuffisfree ok
me thursday or friday like u stated
me i expect it
thisstuffisfree fair
me and is there a delivery confimation number on the package?
thisstuffisfree open a support ticket, and I personally will answer it
thisstuffisfree witht eh #
thisstuffisfree theli
thisstuffisfree in a few hours
thisstuffisfree I am on my way out
me and can u add the email u regulary use so I can contact u if it doesnt show up cause I know u dont go on aim much
thisstuffisfree I am on everyday
thisstuffisfree I dont sign off actually
thisstuffisfree ever
thisstuffisfree unless I reboot
me ok


18-10-2006 04:48:43

thisstuffisfree open a support ticket, and I personally will answer it
thisstuffisfree witht eh #
thisstuffisfree theli
thisstuffisfree in a few hours

Remember when he said that, cause I do and of course no delivery confirmation number replied to me. So looks like in his thur or friday aint gonna happen if he cant even give a delivery confirmation number.

When I dont get my gift I will release who the ownwer is To the forum , so if your getting ripped off by this site you can contact HIM and know who he is as well as I know he logs in every day and reads this thread


18-10-2006 05:32:44

gosh, i sure do hope you get your gift this friday


18-10-2006 06:02:51

Should have taken the paypal....


18-10-2006 07:52:41

[quote1eacb4d854="TryinToGetPaid"]Should have taken the paypal....[/quote1eacb4d854]



18-10-2006 11:06:31

Read it, i tryed to eventually and then they didnt offer it anymore, or maybe i edited out the part where he said he wouldnt because I was taking out his fipg username. Heres the new convo

me what ever happened to personally answering the support ticket, speaks alot about your word
me no answer huh
thisstuffisfree im on my way to the piost office
me really
me thought it was being picke dup
me just another lie?
me well regardless sending it now we both know it wont be here by friday
thisstuffisfree you know whaty
thisstuffisfree obviously there is no pleasing you
me 70 days
me being told its being sent
me the convo's posted online
me from where last night
thisstuffisfree i am taking it to overnight it because the priority would reach you by the date I said
me u continued to lie
me i could have easily last night posted who ran the site
me ur person aim name etc
thisstuffisfree you never talked to meuntil yesterday
me but I didnt
thisstuffisfree im leaving
me i talked to ur support
me who is in association with ur company
me so seems like ur saying he was the one lying to me for seveal weeks
thisstuffisfree No one was lying to you
me last night alone u did
me u said ud be adding the deliverin confirmation number
me before that
me u said it was already shipped
me then it changed to box and packed
me and getting picke dup tommrow
thisstuffisfree No I did not I told you it was marked enroute
thisstuffisfree And I said it was ready to go
me thisstuffisfree your gift is enroute
me enroute means out being shipped
me not sittin on a desk
thisstuffisfree Now in order to keep my comittment I decided to over night it
thisstuffisfree Yes being shipped not already shipped
thisstuffisfree Look I am not going to argue with you
me u didnt keep ur commiment to even add tracking
me please be honest
thisstuffisfree You either believe it or not
me why didnt u do a simple task
me of adding a tracking number
me i beleive ud add tracking last night like u said
me and u didnt
thisstuffisfree Because a priority tracking number is of no use if it is being overnighted
me then why dd u tell me
thisstuffisfree Because I was going to send it priority (typical shipping) but because I promised it by friday I needed to ship it via another means and that couldn't be done last night because the post office closes @ 5 aprox the time I talked to you
me well well see if i got it tommrow bye


18-10-2006 13:52:20

Wait a second...isn't he NOT supposed to be the one shipping it, rather...a supplier of the merchandise is supposed to send it to you?


18-10-2006 15:01:19

Their story is, the sender sends it to them mistakenly. Obviously it is not a mistake.


19-10-2006 08:27:11


As he said hed get it to me by thursday or friday, I did get it today, he shipped overnight to get it to me on time which was nice. I finally got my gift after 72 days since I ordered.


19-10-2006 09:06:57

i hope my $50 goes thru ok...another 14 days for approval to go thru i think


19-10-2006 13:36:55

It's weird that everyone is having so much trouble with this site. I've had great experiences. I got my DS lite overnghted to me. My iPod nano was perfect. And I should be getting 100 paypal custom order from the xbox 360 site today!


19-10-2006 16:04:36

got my 100 paypal!


02-01-2007 17:42:49

anyone get a gift recently?


06-01-2007 10:56:09

seems like they got a new manager or something.


They better start shipping stuff SOON!!!


07-01-2007 05:51:41

yeah i am waiting on approval...on two sites...since 12/3./ they have not answered tickets (


08-01-2007 02:22:59

i was approved way back in late october i believe and they told me thta i would recieve my gift by mid november. I opened a support ticket like 2 weeks ago and got a response saying that they told their fulillment department about my order and that i should have it in a few days, that was about 2 weeks ago.

It was being shipped to my college addy, and i got here late tonight so im going to check it in the AM and see if I have it and then ill post here


12-01-2007 17:20:32

yeah, i need to contact them on aim. evidently that works. been 6 weeks waiting for approval


21-01-2007 07:30:05

this is taking forever (
no answers on tickets they are never on AIM...


21-01-2007 11:45:49

[quotef97fdf4c9e="jy3"]this is taking forever (
no answers on tickets they are never on AIM...[/quotef97fdf4c9e]

Yeah exactly the same here. It doesnt look promising. This sucks!

What did you order? I ordered a remote for my 360 from thisxbox360gear.

At least im not waiting on something big ya know?


22-01-2007 07:54:44

i am waiting on xbox live points and $50. not bad. but it would be nice to get them.
is their AIM "thisstuffisfree"


22-01-2007 07:59:02

[quote460876bc69="jy3"]i am waiting on xbox live points and $50. not bad. but it would be nice to get them.
is their AIM "thisstuffisfree"

I think so, if not its on their support page but they are never on so I dont think that it will do ya any good.


22-01-2007 14:25:53

can we get some mod help on this plz?


22-01-2007 14:29:38

[quotee3a19c3bf1="jy3"]can we get some mod help on this plz?[/quotee3a19c3bf1]

How much can they do?


22-01-2007 18:23:04

they're probably in debt, which means they need a bigger user base which in turns means we get our gifts.


22-01-2007 19:50:59

I've been waiting about 2 weeks for approval on thisvideogameisfree. Gears of War. I guess I should just buy the game myself.


22-01-2007 21:32:55

[quotefc55a038eb="double_d"]I've been waiting about 2 weeks for approval on thisvideogameisfree. Gears of War. I guess I should just buy the game myself.[/quotefc55a038eb]

That would be your best bet. I am waiting about 3 months now for my xbox360 remote!


23-01-2007 14:10:51

either way this blows. just send me my $70 worth of stuff and be done with it

unknown uchiha

23-01-2007 14:12:25

Offer crediting is pure crap on this site. I got 20+ signups, only four actually greened. I had to do like ten replacement offers before one greened for me. I gave up on this POS site months ago, and I'm glad I did.

Did I mention the site's script was pure garbage?


23-01-2007 14:41:27

Yes, they are horrible. Mr_Black is pure_evil.


23-01-2007 14:43:19

how do u get contact information for the registrant for a private domain?


23-01-2007 14:56:42

just look up mr_black under members, actually I will do it for you

AIM superjuicy1

unknown uchiha

23-01-2007 16:56:34

Mr Black runs this site?


23-01-2007 17:20:26

Yes mr_black owns this site, always has and we knew from the start (or at least I did).

He asked me permission to have a separate name for support issues and I told him he could.


23-01-2007 19:29:18

emailed him at his hotmaiil but that is dead
sbc email is dead as well.


23-01-2007 19:31:47

Pmd and Aimd him - he is away on AIM

unknown uchiha

23-01-2007 19:32:40

Well he DID run Pay-Zero

Get it? PAY-ZERO!!!

OK all kidding asside. Can ppo get their gifts? Can all my refs go green yet?


23-01-2007 22:05:46

yeah, we all need our gifts, or we're going to start taking it up with the BBB


24-01-2007 21:36:28

so anyone know how to get contact information for the registrant of a private domain?


26-01-2007 17:43:47

per mr black things will be back to normal soon. i asked him to define soon so we shall see


29-01-2007 08:12:49

[quote5c90294259="jy3"]per mr black things will be back to normal soon. i asked him to define soon so we shall see[/quote5c90294259]

Soon, better mean a week or two.


29-01-2007 12:50:06

soon is just a delay tactic. I hope that I am getting mine "Soon" but im not counting on it


29-01-2007 12:56:36

He told me things were changing way back when I had problems with him, he is a liar, I would not expect any gift from him.


30-01-2007 15:31:07

if need be i will contact the company directly. we shall see.


30-01-2007 17:29:40

There is no company, it is mr_black and someone else doing support. There are no departments.


02-02-2007 16:23:37

If I knew mr_black was running these sites, I would've never dealt with them.


03-02-2007 20:25:50

[quotee7c1aa55eb="jy3"]if need be i will contact the company directly. we shall see.[/quotee7c1aa55eb]

then it will be him to call


09-02-2007 17:30:24

giving him until the end of the month. just PMd him again...i have been awaiting approval since 12/3. i dont care what is going on with their overhead but my leads paid for my gifts. that should be enough for him to send me the items. or just paypal


09-02-2007 19:00:29

this is horrible. it shouldnt take over a month for something like this. they dont give out a tacking number? thats just odd.


15-02-2007 09:03:37

this site blows (


15-02-2007 12:15:07

mr_black and TSIF_Admin were banned from A4F and moved to closed and scams. Waiting since November for things like a videogame or XBOX Live Gold Account are ridiculous. Their account has also been terminated on RevU - they were still making money evil


25-02-2007 15:58:41

opened bbb complaints today... will send them a letter later this month


26-02-2007 23:47:45

fuck man, this is getting ridiculous.

What good will the BBB do. And the thing really pisses me off is that they still ahve their site up and running.


27-02-2007 05:38:16

Does he still go on AIM


28-02-2007 18:53:33

ate Wed Feb 28 084836 2007
From Better Business Bureau (Do Not Reply To This Email Address) <phoenix>
[ Add to Address Book | Block Address | Report as Spam ]
To x
Subject BBB Complaint Case#x

Complaint ID# x
Business Name Thistuffisfree Network

Thank you for contacting the Better Business Bureau. Your complaint was received by the Bureau on February 27, 2007 and has been assigned case# x in our files. Please make a note of this number for future reference.

Your complaint has been applied to the following business
Thistuffisfree Network
Ste B4 #260 14175 W Indian School Road
Goodyear, AZ 85338

The case has been reviewed and has now been forwarded to the business for their response. This business has until March 14, 2007 to respond to your complaint. You may contact our office after March 14, 2007 to check the status of your complaint.

We encourage you to use our ONLINE COMPLAINT system to keep up with the progress of this complaint. To view the details of your case please go to the following website address http//


Dispute Resolution Consultant
BBB Complaint Department


28-02-2007 19:42:56

I spoke to him on AIM this week(Monday night). He said that all accounts would be approved by next morning.(Lie). He said I would get my item within 1 month as of monday.(Hopefully not a lie)


28-02-2007 21:30:51

well thanks for sending in the bbb complaint, hopefully things get straightened out here.

PrizeChest Matthew

01-03-2007 01:29:47

BBB Complaints don't do much, all they do is send a letter to the owner of the company.. if the person abandoned their company, what do they care that their name/company will be dirt? They won't!


01-03-2007 06:37:49

LoL. That coming from you. Sounds like you wouldn't car too much either.....


06-03-2007 16:26:32

nothin heard back here (
i did go verified this week on thisxbox30gearisfree so that is progress

still nothin on this50bux


09-03-2007 17:50:22

Just had a referral go red on thisvideogameisfree. I'm 11/12. Should I even bother finding a 12th?


10-03-2007 15:02:51

i would, why not?


28-03-2007 10:01:13

havent been home to check status. anyone have any changes?


11-04-2007 08:36:23

anyone heard anything?


11-04-2007 10:04:22

[quote3157fb40af="jy3"]anyone heard anything?[/quote3157fb40af]

nada. Ive officialy given up.


11-04-2007 18:09:13

i never give up )


22-04-2007 16:29:38

I'm guessing TSIF are scammers now (

Sigh. I wanted to actually complete there site......oh well


22-04-2007 21:06:14

I recentely completed the DS Lite free site. go paid last week!!! Turns out the owner is having trouble with paypal or something, something around the lines that paypal froze his account w/ the entire website's funding.


02-05-2007 19:09:39

[quotebb15fdc0d4="Iloveipods2"]I recentely completed the DS Lite free site. go paid last week!!! Turns out the owner is having trouble with paypal or something, something around the lines that paypal froze his account w/ the entire website's funding.[/quotebb15fdc0d4]
are u shitting me?
the guy hasnt answered PMs/support tix since november and he pays u right after u did the site?
great for u but that blows for us
how did u get in contact with him?
and i want proof of your payment if possible please (screen shot with tsif's email listed)


04-06-2007 13:54:36



04-06-2007 14:58:03

yeah i saw the new thread that he posted...i posted in A4F too

he has a lot of explaining to do...i hope it doesnt think that we forgot about that shitty site.


04-06-2007 18:55:23

ya Pmd him what i think are my ref links (cant log into the sites)
we shall see


04-06-2007 20:19:25

geez whiney kids. here's the proof.

http/" alt=""/"505/3707/proofex0.jpg[" alt=""/img9079802818]