thisstuffisfree down?

Live forum:


10-10-2006 08:54:29

are all their networks down for u guys too?
Fatal error could not connect to database. Please try again later.
when i login


10-10-2006 09:08:02

I am checking for you. I talked to support for a couple of hours and major changes are going to be happening soon. Whether or not these are it, I do not know.

I can not even access the ipod nano page, and the main page was going super slow.

As for the changes, there will be new offers, new sites, and new support.


10-10-2006 12:38:21

I don't know, TTGP (P).

He told me numerous times he was "Adding new offers, instant ones" and other things that ain't happenin'.


10-10-2006 12:42:06

im guessing its back and nothing new was put in?



10-10-2006 13:48:04

looks like it