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DCA Owner

10-10-2006 01:04:56

First I would like to start by saying I appreciate all of our users out there patience. It was a long road for both of us,with constant delays,but we both toughed it out and now we bring to you a new era of freesites ! Below I would like those of you that have any questions you need answered about any of our sites,or network in general asked here! I will start by posting some I have already heard from some of you.I would like to turn this into a giant faq,and have it pinned to help newbies and anyone else that have questions or concerns about our network and any of its sites.



1st - How much is each refferal worth? Each refferal is worth $40.00 .

2nd - How do I order? This site is all about you and your personal cash needs. You pick which way you would like to recieve money(Paypal,Giftcard or check), and also how much.When you feel like your done and want to cashout you will be required to fill out a support ticket asking how much you can recieve with the amount of refs you have acquired.We will respond back as prompt as possible with a the total amount you can recieve.


10-10-2006 08:50:54

welcome, but do we need 3 topics?