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08-10-2006 09:28:02

I heard about a lot of people getting paid by them a while back so I started this site several months ago. Got 13/10 of the needed referrals then went through their month long approval process. Fortunately, everyone stayed green (for now). Waited another month to get paid and when I log in one day to check on the status, I find that they've knocked away 2 of my refs and I'm at 11/10. I don't really mind that part because I still have enough to claim the 50 dollars but in addition to taking away refs, they send me back to the step 1 of the approval process. I file a support ticket and they send me to the begining of the payment process instead. I expected to wait a month so I checked about every week. I log in today and voila, I suddenly have 7/10 refs. I don't see any point in getting 3 more refs since more will probably disappear within a couple of weeks. Anyone else have problems with ThisStuffIsFree being completely unreasonable like this?


08-10-2006 09:40:19

Any of my refs that had AOL were denied due to multiple IPs.

There were 4 of them. So yeah.


08-10-2006 16:36:45

here's my story.

finally had my 25 refs or w/e for my ipod nano, so i requested it on july 14 or so, and went on a trip, came back 15 days later and it was still pending. another 15 days and its around august 15th, since it said 7-21 days, i went to talk to support, he said he would talk to the crediting department and i should be approved within 3 days, 5 days pass and nothing, i talk to him again and ask him what's up and he says i cheated, saying my refs all had the same IP, in the end he was looking at the wrong ref link, i give him my correct ref link and he still says it appears i have cheated and i ask why? he says because all my referrals were from the same ISP..

.... how can i control if all my refs have optimum online or not? alot of my refs came from here, im not gonna go into details, but in the end he said i should be fine and i should get my ipod with a bonus for having to wait so long.

the ipod came alone, so i just ask him even though i didnt mind and he says he would give me a bonus if i posted proof pics at A4F, i posted them up with not a negative sentence, i just posted the pics, then he comes to say that i wouldnt receive a bonus because i wasnt being positive about the ipod.. well what do you want me to do? you accuse me of cheating, i have to wait a month and a half for the ipod (got it sept 1), lie, etc, and you want me to be happy?

he just kept saying yada yada yada about me probably having cheated, but its all bsflag

oh and somewhere between this whole story, i learned from a member here, that i could have gotten instant approval instead of waiting a month and a half for it if i asked for it.. i go talk to the guy, and he says they dont do instant approval.. when the owner (not actually the supoprt guy) instant approved that member like at least twice.

so i recommend you go over to free4every1 since they = pwnage.


08-10-2006 19:25:20

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Date 2006-10-08 130323

Thanks for your opinion.

TSIF Support Team

Not going to go beg them for fifty bucks. Total Piece Of Shit network.


10-10-2006 08:53:37

yeah, i was wondering about all of this but supposedly they are getting better.
crediting sucks on their points sites and all of their sites but i am trying to stay positive...

note that their sites are down now...