Bonus for HostGator Offer on GiftsInnovations

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06-10-2006 11:16:27

GiftsInnovations is offering a $35 bonus for the completion of the HostGator offer and also an opportunity to win an additional $25. I feel like this is a great for an offer that costs $9.99/month. You may keep it for only a month if you wish What are your feedbacks?


06-10-2006 11:51:09

is that $10 per year or $10 per month?

compare it to this deal for me


I am about to switch my hosting from dreamhost and need to pick the best deal.


06-10-2006 13:18:27

Choosing a web hosting is a very difficult decision. Being a web designer myself, I've had to choose from various web hostings.

Basically, it depends on what your purpose of using a web hosting is and your needs.

Cheap is good but there is the old saying, "you get what you paid for". There are reasons why a web hosting may be cheap. Obviously, it costs money for the web hosting company to run their servers. And they obviously want to make profit. Therefore what they do with cheap web hosting is that they "oversell". They usually fill the server with more users that it can normally hold. This causes the performance and reliability to gradually lessen.

In my experience, expensive hosts don't necessarily provide good hosting either. I've actually been satisfied with Dreamhost for the year I've had it. Hostgator is not bad. It won't hurt to try the offer because you receive bonus through GiftsInnovation site.


06-10-2006 19:09:31

how is this off topic?
besides that it is a good promo