anyone try

Live forum:


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03-10-2006 11:45:52

is that a ref link?! shock


03-10-2006 11:53:26

Looks like a session ID at least.

http// works fine as-is.


03-10-2006 12:28:34

no its not a ref link, sorry about that...

so has anyone tried or heard of this site?


03-10-2006 13:03:55

What are the requirements?


03-10-2006 13:26:24

well its a little confusing, but it seems like you can get the LG chocolate for free, not doing any offers, just be a "tester" of the product and you get to keep it if you send back an evaluation.

but if you want the New Member Incentive promotion (which is an additional free gift of a Sony laptop) then you have to complete 6 total offers...

not sure if this is legit though, so wondering if anyone else has tried this. i dont really care for the laptop, i just want the phone, and on their faqs it says you don't have to do the additional free gift..

--- Part of FAQs---
6) the New Member Incentive promotion is entirely separate from our product testing program. The free incentive is offered to you purely as a gift from us to thank you for joining the and completing the offer requirements.

(7) Do I have to participate in the New Member Incentive Program in order to be a product tester?

No, absolutely not. The New Member Incentive Program is designed to help us recruit new members and support our sponsors, but participation in that program is not required. You may receive and test products without participating in the incentive program.


03-10-2006 14:12:48

Yo have to do 6 offers regardless of the laptop. Just to receive the chocolate is 6 offers.

This is owned by a notorious spammer.

they also own a advertising site

and another gift site

however much like most recent DIYs the 3rd page is all $500 and up offers. So minimum spent by YOU would be $1400 on page 3.


03-10-2006 15:38:56

wow, thanks so much for the info!


03-10-2006 15:45:58

Is this site part of the Metareward network? With all the OOD's and stuff?


03-10-2006 20:26:28

[quoted135ede37c="reggaeton"]Is this site part of the Metareward network? With all the OOD's and stuff?[/quoted135ede37c]

No i dont beleive it is owned by metarewards, but it does use the same OODs on level 3.

A dont do site, unless you need new furniture, lol.


04-10-2006 05:00:01


Last page has crazy hard offers. Lowest you can spend is $2,000 just on the last page. It's got a $500 offer, $1500 offer, and a $1800 offer.

FreeEnterprize Joe

04-10-2006 11:26:53

I could use a new diamond ring i suppose... more bling is always nice.