Points 4 Rewards.com Promotion for The Month of October.

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02-10-2006 14:04:15

Hello FreeiPodGuide Members,

We have ANOTHER Nice and Fun Promotion for the Month of October. No tricks, no gimmicks, just sign up for any offer and you will be put in our FREE iPod Shuffle Lottery. Each offer you do, your name will be added again in our FREE iPod Shuffle lottery. We have sent out an email about the status of the month of September Giveaway, congrats to Ecuadorfifa06 for wining the iPod Nano for September. We will send out the NEW iPod Shuffle for this Giveaway. So check us out, if any questions just ask us, anytime.

--- We added 2 New offers each offer is 20 INSTANT Points. We added Freebidding.com and Psychics 4 Free, so check them out in the INSTANT Section of the offers.

Points 4 Rewards.com


09-10-2006 21:09:17

so who won the last promotion with the ipod?


09-10-2006 21:59:02

"congrats to Ecuadorfifa06 for wining the iPod Nano for September."


10-10-2006 11:26:40

[quote6ee3ea2a03="TryinToGetPaid"]"congrats to Ecuadorfifa06 for wining the iPod Nano for September."[/quote6ee3ea2a03]

Correct. The Ocotober Promotion is still going on.