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unknown uchiha

25-09-2006 23:39:00

They rarely respond on AIM and are slow on support tickets, has anyone had this problem? I'm trying to get my account approved ASAP by combining my partially credited refs which the admin said they could do, but so far they aren't responding and all.

FreeEnterprize Joe

26-09-2006 08:36:42

Try contacting her via PM on A4F


27-09-2006 07:38:38

sent them a ticket 15 days ago and it still open |
btw my status is shipped now =)) w/o any help lol


27-09-2006 13:23:09

She doesn't answer support tickets that often. If you need help just IM her on AIM. She's usually online everyday..

unknown uchiha

27-09-2006 15:50:51

I do IM her, though I get no responses. Anyways, I've gotten my issue addressed and I'm being verified ATM so it's all good.


11-10-2006 17:08:51

So do I suck or no LOL

unknown uchiha

11-10-2006 17:24:31

Naw it's taken care of.


11-10-2006 19:18:26

crediting has been great so far. waiting on two sites. now to decide what to put my free greens towards...

unknown uchiha

11-10-2006 19:46:38

Crediting is extremely better than freakin TSIF.

unknown uchiha

18-10-2006 15:58:00

It's Wednesday, I haven't gotten my DS Lite shipped at all. They said Tuesday (yesterday)...

All my support tickets were closed, the owner's not on AIM, on A4F she's shipped "All the orders" already and people HAVE received Paypal yet my account isn't marked as shipped.

What's up?


19-10-2006 09:05:49

Hes going through the same mess as me. Alot of revocations and running limited offers (

unknown uchiha

19-10-2006 20:52:05

Ouch. Still, I've been "Processing" for the past three weeks =/


27-02-2007 14:29:20

How long does it take for them to ship, I hit the one month mark tommrow.


27-02-2007 14:41:14

Old topic 0_o Anyways, I would definately contact them on A4F rather then here, they don't seem to responsive here.