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22-09-2006 18:56:11

anyone here anything about a new site from the owner of 100%off.com?


22-09-2006 19:05:35

does the site even exist


22-09-2006 19:43:59

100po.com is some Asian site. O_o


22-09-2006 19:49:34

lol we in a asian reader


22-09-2006 20:27:55

[quote4aa1be0f3d="freaky1718"]lol we in a asian reader[/quote4aa1be0f3d]

Jiggah wha?


22-09-2006 20:29:41

I've been here ).

As far as the re-release, it's gonna be some time. If i'm gonna release it once again, i'm not just gonna do a quick fix just to get out there... I want it done right. I'm going to try to acquire the domain once again, I already backordered it. It expires in february so I guess there's your timeframe. After I get everything running i'm going to run a promotion of some-sort leading up to the re-release of the site (hopefully something big) to get the hype up a little bit. So we'll be coming back... no rush )


22-09-2006 20:32:40

kool pm me when its ready