Points 4 Rewards.com Epassporte Option

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21-09-2006 14:49:21

Hello to all,

We have added ePassporte as one of our options as a Reward. We could not get Paypal, because they are not happy about freebie sites, so we decided to go with ePassporte. All you have to do is choose any Gift Card reward and when you place your order, let us know that you want it transfer to your ePassporte account. If any questions please let us know at email==support@points4rewards.comsupport@points4rewards.com=support@points4rewards.comsupport@points4rewards.com/email or AIM Points4Support.



22-09-2006 19:22:06

Sounds good...but I would love to see a freebie DIY site that offers E-Gold w00t w00t

That would be awesome.