SpeedyFreebies IMPORTANT READ!

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14-09-2006 20:15:49

Hello everyone,

If you aren't a SpeedyFreebies user, you can pretty much disregard this message.

HOWEVER, if you are, please read this post.

As many of you have noticed, SpeedyFreebies got a new design (please vote and comment on it here http//www.anything4free.com/forums/index....showtopic=68531 ). Of course, with all good things, comes something bad.

Somehow when the layout finished all the item numbers got jumbled up and all orders placed on September 1st and after were DELETED.

I am asking all members who placed their order on September 1st up until now, to please choose the correct item and then replace their order.

--This message has also been e-mailed to all members, but it seems many haven't received it--

Thanks for your cooperation and sorry for any inconvience.