Enoughaintenough.net now has the new Ipods and new Ipod Nano

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14-09-2006 00:12:34

http//enoughaintenough.net now offers the new Ipod Nano's and the new regular Ipods. It's only 6 referrals for the 30 gig, and 8 for the 80 gig Ipod. Both have improved battery life, anodized aluminum bodies and brighter screens. The new ipod nano 4 gig comes in four colors, silver, blue, black, and pink and is only 5 referrals. The Nano 8 gig is available for 6 referrals. Sign up now and be the first to get your new Ipod.


16-09-2006 00:41:01

Never heard of it...Have you tried the site?


16-09-2006 08:03:32

i think hes the owner