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unknown uchiha

08-09-2006 19:24:26


Any idea of who runs this site, and if it's legit or not? I found it through Google Search, searching up "Free DS"


How can products like these be free? Is there a catch?
There's no catch! Traditional advertising methods are becoming less effective, and companies are willing to pay us for getting people to sign up for their trial offers. In turn, we use that money to buy you your prize. We try to select products that you will enjoy, so you will want to continue receiving our sponsors' services, but you are not obligated to continue beyond the conditions stated in the offer.

Can I join if I am in a country other than the USA?
In general, yes. Be aware that there may be increased shipping costs, in which case an extra referral or referrals may be necessary. Also, some offers are restricted by country. Please read the terms and conditions on our advertisers' sites before accepting any offer.

Can I create more than 1 account?
This depends on current conditions. Due to the complexities it causes, you must let us know via a support ticket or email first. We are currently allowing multiple accounts, but you may not complete any offer more than once regardless of which account you are using unless the offer provider's site explicitly permits it. If we detect someone completing the same offer multiple times for credit, all of their accounts may be placed on hold.

Will I receive spam from you?
We know how annoying spam is, so we will never sell your information or send you spam. We take our policies very seriously here at TechToysForFree.

I have a question to ask you. How can I do so?
You create a support ticket, which is accessible from your account. This is the preferred method for non-urgent questions. Alternatively, you may contact us at . Support via AIM may also be available, by contacting the screen name "TTFF Service Rep".

Can I receive a gift without referring friends?
Support for this is by special request only at the moment. To receive an item without needing referrals, first open a support ticket and request permission to do so. Then, you must complete one full offer for each referral that you would otherwise need. So, for a Nintendo DS that would require 3 referrals, you would need to complete your initial full offer to become eligible to receive a prize, plus 3 more full offers. You may not complete any offer more than once unless specifically stated by the offer provider. When you have completed the designated number of offers for your prize, reply to your support ticket to request verification.

Can I cheat by entering false info?
Don't even try. You will not receive credit, and your account will be frozen.


08-09-2006 19:28:29

I own that. Don't tell anyone though.

unknown uchiha

08-09-2006 19:31:54

lol wtf?


08-09-2006 19:46:58

[quote2428d7087f="unknown uchiha"]lol wtf?[/quote2428d7087f]

I know lots of people that have secret sites.

Not sure why they are secret, but ok.