Flip 6 - 9 referrals for $250 PAYPAL?

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08-09-2006 17:50:23

I swear it wasn't 9 when i started this site..has it gone up or am i just retarded?

unknown uchiha

08-09-2006 20:49:43

It used to be 7 to my knowledge. This number of 9 is ridiculous.

FreeEnterprize Joe

09-09-2006 01:08:28

Well... it was originally 2 for $100.... so they almost doubled their ref requirements....

unknown uchiha

09-09-2006 01:19:35

Yeah. I was hoping for a DS Lite bundle from them too...

unknown uchiha

09-09-2006 09:19:03

Explanation from Flip6 Support

Hello, thank you for you inquiry. It is actually 9 referrals for $250. The reason the requirements had to be changed is because of our publisher. We had many offers that were crediting poorly, or not crediting at all. You may have noticed, we have recently removed quite a few offers that were known for crediting problems, not only for Flip6, but all sites as well. We did this in an effort to maintain fast crediting and ease on the user to "green". With that, we also lost many of the higher paying offers sad to say. We had to weigh the fact of users not receiving manual credit for many offers, even after applied for and keeping the majority of the users crediting, versus the payout ratio. Most would rather be "guaranteed" credit for the offer they did, and have to get a couple more referrals. That is why the requirements have been changed. We hope you'll reconsider and give Flip6 a chance! Thank you for taking the time to write, if you have anymore questions, please feel free to ask! Sincerely, Flip6.com


09-09-2006 10:22:51

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09-09-2006 14:52:20

You don't know how happy I was to make the 6 refs for 250 before it changed to 9. The offer requirements has been very jumpy on flip6, and really never settled on one definite number.


13-09-2006 07:32:39

They are no offering $270 for 9 refs.


13-09-2006 10:31:16

Yeah, its just $30/ref...which u can now custom order paypal at $30/ref


13-09-2006 11:40:24

still kind of low - but better than what they had before