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07-09-2006 15:31:49

Hey guys, I wanted to stop by and tell everyone about! This site is new but FULLY OPERATIONAL. More than 25 offers and you can order WHATEVER you want! The referral requirements are low because you have to do 2 offers. Unless you do one LEVEL A offer. If you have any questions or need technical support, please send me a message. Thanks!! FREEGIFTZ.COM - Admin


07-09-2006 15:32:33

move to other freebies


07-09-2006 19:47:05

Check it out!

unknown uchiha

07-09-2006 20:39:51

Shipping times, offerlist, approval times, etc.

25 offers is a relatively low amount of offers on your site =/


08-09-2006 14:24:34

We ship gifts the 20th of the month. Approval is NEXT DAY for 95% of offers, and we will be adding more offers every week.


08-09-2006 21:43:37

Any Questions?


08-09-2006 21:44:33

We will have a forum up soon, with a PAYMENT PROOF page. I have shipped many items including ipods, bawls energy drinks, and some psps.


08-09-2006 21:50:40

How could you have shipped items if your site just opened?


08-09-2006 21:52:11

For a special I did for the first week. When someone approved or went "green" and got the referral requirements, I shipped their gift within 2 days. I'm thinking of having the same promotion next week.

unknown uchiha

08-09-2006 22:24:40

Referral amounts aren't "low". They're just back to the way they were like six months ago before $35/ref was the deal (and now, because of Flip6, $25/ref)


09-09-2006 04:16:11

He just copied all of his rewards from and raised them 1 referral.... ?


09-09-2006 05:11:56

[quote4644f9e647="FreeGiftzAdmin"]We will have a forum up soon, with a PAYMENT PROOF page. I have shipped many items including ipods, bawls energy drinks, and some psps.[/quote4644f9e647]

Bawls energy drinks ?

I don't get it...

unknown uchiha

09-09-2006 09:17:58

[quote0248e56010="DIABLO"]He just copied all of his rewards from and raised them 1 referral.... ?[/quote0248e56010]

Ouch. That stinks.


09-09-2006 09:52:02

How did I copy my gifts from getrewardz? All those gifts are the most common found on freebie sites. Xbox's, psp's, ipod's. If you want to see anything else on there, please put up a suggestion.


09-09-2006 09:52:59

He got bawls energy drinks through the CUSTOM GIFT option.


11-09-2006 05:54:54

The offers are following

LEVEL B- Blockbuster free trial, Columbia house, Cortiban Ultra, Netflix, Pure Health Hoodia, AccuBurst Web Hosting, Carleton Sheets, Time factor, People PC, Orexis,, Comcast, Video Professor, Zoeta, Advantage Language, and

LEVEL A-, Bingo Room, and FreeBingoGame.

LEVEL C- Real Superpass,, BargianNetwork-Homes, BargainNetwork-Autos, II, Real Broadband Essentials, Ebay Auction Kit.

unknown uchiha

11-09-2006 12:21:52

Carleton Sheets is a Level B/half credit? Ouch.


11-09-2006 14:21:29

Some of the level B offers are there in case you wanted to do them before hand. The popular level B offers are and video professor. The total cost to go "green" would be around 6 dollars.

unknown uchiha

11-09-2006 15:56:52

Doesn't matter to me, I've done those already and those are almost always full credit on sites that even have 1/2, 1/3 credits.


11-09-2006 16:55:09

It's alright. I 100% understand that some people will think that the offer requirements are a bit high. I just wanted to get a new site out there where people decide their own reward. Do you guys think that I should higher the referral requirements, and have the user complete ONE offer, or keep it the same? I would love to hear feedback. )


11-09-2006 17:20:02

We have just changed our policies on offers and referral requirements today! ALL level B offers are now level A. The referral requirements were raised as an outcome but we feel this will be a better change for the future. It will now be easier to complete your offer and refer friends. Please check out the new changes and tell me what you think. I am ALWAYS up fro criticism/suggestions.


14-09-2006 15:09:36

Ipod nanos are now 4/5 referrals!