Grr @ 11rewards

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06-09-2006 16:53:15

Thanks 11rewards... one month after approving my gift I get an email saying 2 of my referrals offer credit has been cancelled. Don't trust any gift approval from this site. It isn't approved until it's in your bank account. Now support isn't even responding.
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Hey, I have an idea. Why don't I start a site and then have a six month cashout period. That way I can just cancel any referral who's referral's referral's referral's ... etc are DQ'd. Genius! I'll never have to pay anyone. Oh, wait, there are already sites like this.


07-09-2006 01:44:36

That stinks. You should be careful who your referrals are.


18-09-2006 02:36:25

Support not responding? Pm me with your email address.