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01-09-2006 15:17:45

Anyone know whether you can use a promotion code and still get credit for the site? I know Titan Poker has a deal right now for a 150% bonus with a code, and I was going to sign up for it anyways. Figured I might as well do it through gamesgift and maybe get something for doing it.


01-09-2006 18:07:26

I'd stay away from this site. Ive been waiting over 6 weeks to get paid...they've told me every single week that I'll get credit "next week"...i'd find another site to do it on


13-09-2006 10:29:41

Did 3 offers the last week of July for gamesgift and STILL nothing...old response from them

You 2006-08-01 031743 I was just wondering when I will be getting credit for the poker and casino offers I did. Thanks

Admin 2006-08-01 061222 hi we're working on some credits now, and are working to get everything updated this week and next.

"this week and next" would have been over a month ago...pretty cool!!

Stay away from this site