FreeRewards4You Network Now Open - 7 Websites

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29-08-2006 13:20:09

After the recent success of, we have been working around the clock to bring you a large network of web sites. In the process of making the transition into one of the larger free gift websites, we have added 6 points-based sites to our 1 referral site to form the FreeRewards4You network. I'll start with a list of the websites, and then cover some of the most common questions asked.

- Video Games / Systems - http//
- Computers & Hardware - http//
- Paypal Payments - http//
- Gas Cards - http//
- Clothing - http//
- Sight and Sound - http//
- Referral Site - http//

I think you will an ample amount of prizes to pick from. Right now we have a total of 182 prizes, including custom gifts so you can pick anything you want.

We are open to US and international traffic. When it asks for your address when you sign up, just leave it blank if you are from somewhere other than the US. We don't ship out gifts to other countries, only paypal payments, so I won't need a physical address for that.

You CAN sign up for all of the sites and complete each of them as many times as you would like (except for the referral site, which can only be completed once). However, you CANNOT complete the same offer more than 1 time, regardless of which site it was done on.

We have over 650 offers to pick from on the points-based sites and new ones are literally added every other day. New offers are added so often and the offer database is so big that making a list of the offers would be impractical to keep updated. All of the offers on our points sites are divided into categories for easy navigation.

We have an extremely responsive support department. We are reachable through email ( and through AIM (Screenname FR4Y Support)

If there are any more questions feel free to post them here, submit a support ticket, or send a message to our AIM support staff. Thank you in advance for visiting our site, and let me be the first to welcome you to the new FreeRewards4You Network.

Admin @ FreeRewards4You


04-09-2006 21:48:53

I would now like to announce a few improvements at FreeRewards4You. All sites now have new offers added. The points based sites now have 710 offers each!! There are new free surveys and new free trials to choose from.

Also, there is now a referral incentive for all the points based sites. There is a separate tab for referring friends on your account page. For every friend you sign up that completes the website, you get 10% of the point value of the item they get! For example, if they get a $50 gift card for 50 points, you get 5 points. If they get a plasma tv for 2000 points, you get 200 points.