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07-01-2005 09:36:15

I found this one

It doesn't seem all that bad. 4500 points gets you a 40gb Ipod photo. 2800 points a regular 20gb 4th gen.
Considering that freegiftplanet demands like 14,000 for a 20gb unit I guess some of you may be interested.
But you would have to complete like 20 ~ 40 + offers. There are plenty listed by that could become a mess when the time comes to cancel.


11-01-2005 22:18:00

Wow, 4500 does seem like a good deal! The question is are they legit? D


21-01-2005 07:08:32

got my gamecube shipped! lol


25-01-2005 18:04:41

http/" alt=""/[/imgdeb47f3d0a]

thanks trialclix!


26-01-2005 13:34:40

ahh good shit


22-02-2005 09:35:31

hello. I don't think all the subscriptions are free in trial clix. you have to pay for some of them that give you the most points. cry


25-02-2005 23:11:28

Do they still have the Univerity of Phoenix offer? I can't seem to find it. Or any offers that don't really need a credit card? roll


26-02-2005 21:11:59

When you refer people, do you get credit for just getting them to sign up, like with freegiftplanet? Or do they need to eventually complete an offer of their own?


26-02-2005 21:26:20

You get points if they complete an offer


26-02-2005 22:57:11

All I have for there is 125 points. 50 for singing up and 75 for someone else completing an offer. And do accounts get frozen after a while? Because I haven't used my Trialclix account in about 2 months. I've been posting my link everywhere I can and not one new person has signed up.


15-03-2005 20:26:27

I just recently ordered a Monster Charger + Transmitter for iPod. It says it's processing. I'll let you know what happens!


17-03-2005 19:27:36

Hey, how long is it typically taking you guys to receive your prizes? It's been a few days for me and no news from them except "processing"....


17-03-2005 21:21:40

I think someone said about a month


30-06-2005 12:55:50

They are legit, I received my PS2 about 3 weeks ago and it is the new slim model...pretty sweet. They do take about a month to process and ship but you do get it. I have had the most trouble with them then any other site when it comes to getting credit for offers. I did enough offers to get an iPod mini but never got credit for about 3 or 4 offers. But they are good for it. Now I want to get my freephotoipod from Gratis...anyone???