- New Features and Improvements

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26-08-2006 14:35:45

Glad to see this website is up! )

- Now, next to each referral, a country flag can be displayed. Once you login go to the "Account" page. There you will be able to choose if you want to see the flags. By default, they are turned off.

- When you roll your mouse over your referrals the following information is displayed Last Login, Registration Date, Offer Completion Date, Country, and Gift Selected.

We also improved the "Tutorial" page and "Complete Offer" page. Hopefully, your referrals (especially the people who never heard of freebie websites) understand the concept and how to complete an offer.

Hope you guys find these new additions helpful!

If you want to see something added, don't hesitate to IM Toys4FreeSupport, send me a PM, or submit a Support Ticket.

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(Note that for now we are going to hold off on displaying offer clicks) D D D