Points4Rewards.com Open for FREE Rewards!, Come and Join Us!

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25-08-2006 17:41:52

Hello to all in the FIPG community,

This is the owner of Points4Rewards.com, I am glad to annouce we are offically open for FREE Rewards 4 Points. We are a Great and Brand New Points Based Website. We offer Fun and Exciting Gifts for Points, such as iPods to Gift Cards. Our offers range from No Credit Card Required to Easy and Fun Trials. Please don't hesistate to join up and look around our website. If any questions please email= us at email=support@points4rewards.comsupport@points4rewards.com us at email=support@points4rewards.comsupport@points4rewards.com/email. I hope you enjoy your stay at Points4Rewards.com.



25-08-2006 23:02:54

Signed up and placed my order for the $25 giftcard along with the ipod giveaway promotion you guys are hosting.

Not bad of a site either..keep it up.


26-08-2006 05:34:38

didn't see any no cc offers


29-08-2006 15:01:01

Make sure you click on the 100% Free Category. If any questions email= us at email=support@points4rewards.comsupport@points4rewards.com us at email=support@points4rewards.comsupport@points4rewards.com/email