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25-08-2006 07:11:20

I'm having trouble figuring out the 2 sites in the subject line. i signed up for the permission research offer, for the first one, my referral did the same for the second. neither of us have been credited. im not quite sure how long its been, somewhere between 4 days and a week. how long is it supposed to take? im not fully sure that we even completed the offer - we signed up and everything but the offer page (at least for permission research) is a bit confusing and we cant be sure we completed the offer fully. can anyone advise?


25-08-2006 07:13:44

Did I not answer your question already?

Hmm.... suit yourself.


25-08-2006 13:30:16

iWon and the Winning Survey are your best bet.

If you have done those....I don't know what to tell you.


26-08-2006 14:37:02

[quote030616d876="TryinToGetPaid"]Did I not answer your question already?

Hmm.... suit yourself.[/quote030616d876]

u did but u told me i was in the wrong forum so i moved it