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22-08-2006 21:57:20

Hey guys, if you haven't logged into your[=http//] account lately, there are a few changes worth seeing. Most notably, all issues with the referral system have been resolved. Please note that referral bonuses claimed before August 20, 2006 may need to be re-claimed, however all claims will be updated with their current status upon review. For example, CCU_User1 may have claimed his/her referral bonus for CCU_User2 on 07/20/2006, for which the $10.00 referral bonus would have been included in CCU_User1's August payment. While CCU_User1 may be able to re-claim the referral bonus for CCU_User2, the status of this claim would be updated to "Payment Sent" upon review of the claim.

Additionally, we now have 45 ACTIVE OFFERS[=http//]45 ACTIVE OFFERS[/color3d7ebf888b][/size3d7ebf888b], ranging in payout anywhere from [b3d7ebf888b]$30[/b3d7ebf888b] to [b3d7ebf888b]$250[/b3d7ebf888b]! Here's a few of this month's top-performing offers

[b3d7ebf888b]WR[/b3d7ebf888b][b3d7ebf888b]Bonus Type[/b3d7ebf888b]
Captain Cooks Casino$250$300100%$50$5060x(D+B)Cashable
Planetluck Casino$50$50100%$100$1008x(D+B)Cashable
Starluckluck Casino$50$50100%$100$1008x(D+B)Cashable
32 Vegas Casino$35$50320%$320$10012x(D+B)Cashable


[u3d7ebf888b]Minimum Deposit[/u3d7ebf888b] - This is the minimum deposit required to be eligible for credit.

[u3d7ebf888b]Bonus Percentage[/u3d7ebf888b] - This is the bonus percentage given in terms of your deposit amount.

[u3d7ebf888b]Maximum Bonus[/u3d7ebf888b] - This is the maximum sign up bonus amount given.

[u3d7ebf888b]Deposit Amount[/u3d7ebf888b] - This is the amount to deposit to get the maximum sign up bonus.

[u3d7ebf888b]Bonus Type[/u3d7ebf888b] - Bonuses can be Cashable, Sticky Type I, or Sticky Type II. If you don't know what these are, just ask!

[u3d7ebf888b]Wager Requirement (WR)[/u3d7ebf888b] - This is the amount that you are required to wager prior to requesting a withdrawal. If there are different WR's for different games, then the WR stated here is for the lowest HA game allowed. D=Deposit amount, B=Bonus amount.


Both Starluck Casino and Planetluck Casino allow Blackjack to be played to meet the wagering requirement, and are hands-down the first choice for anyone looking to get started with online casinos. Both Captain Cooks Casino and 32 Vegas Casino do not, but do offer a wide selection of other games which do count toward the wagering requirement. As always, post here if you have any questions...I've played at all 4 of these casinos so I have personal experience with each! Good luck and happy gambling!