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11-08-2006 12:23:30

After the recent success of our referal site,, and all the positive feedback I've received on how fast approval and shipments have been given, I've decided to step up to the big leagues.

I am now working on the opening of the FreeRewards4You network. It will consist of the one referral site that exists now, along with a network of 6 new point-based DIY sites. You will be able to expect the same service there as you have experienced at our current site.

The reason for this post is because I would like for potential members of the future sites to provide commentary on how they would like to see the network being set up. This network is being built for you, so make it your own. We look forward to doing business with you in the near future.


11-08-2006 19:12:08

Cool! Include games such as DS, xbox360, and psp. Also, don't end our accounts after our first order if that's what you were planning for the DIY. Also, have a system where you get points % from refs. %20 sounds good. )


11-08-2006 21:49:53

How about 25%? lol

It looks like a nice site. I have to get a couple sites done before I can move on ;-)


12-08-2006 00:20:36

definetly offer video games because that's always fun to get...
go for some obscure objets people wouldn't normally a defribulator! FOR LIKE 8 REFFERALS I'D DO IT FOR A DEFRIBULATOR!!!!!OMG I'M SO CUSTOM ORDERING THAT SHIT RIGHT NOW ON SOME SITE!!!!!


13-08-2006 19:07:33

Don't forget Wii games, even if it means preordering. Keep us updated. I'm interested.