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11-08-2006 08:35:13

Posted on A4F[quote4499558509="Prizebook Support"]Although we don’t make official Prizebook related posts on other forums, we were given authorization by the management team to make this post. We felt that it was necessary and important to let our user’s know what Prizebook is doing about the recent Tickle issue.

As many of you know, Tickle placed reversals on some of the offers that were previously credited to users. The first thing we would like users to realize is that we understand the moral obligation and responsibility we have as a company to step up and do what is right. It’s not a matter of analyzing a company’s financial situation but realizing that the customer comes first no matter what. We fought for our users and attempted to regain back the credit on all users’ Tickle offers. We would like you all to know that we did everything in our power to see if we could give credit back to you guys. It’s not like we stepped back and let our credits be raped and pillaged by the hordes of Tickle officials.

One of the qualities of our company that we pride ourselves on is the fact that we are unique and different from other sites. That being said, we would like to address the accusation that we aren’t doing anything about this issue. We are indeed paying out of our own pocket to cover the costs of the Tickle tests. We aren’t doing this for everybody but we are doing the best we can to reimburse the users that were significantly affected by the Tickle reversals. We’ve paid out close to $6,500 of our own money to cover users that were affected. Not everyone had access to these funds and we obviously can’t be giving away money so we allocated it to the users that needed the most. Members need to be patient and resolve this issue via support ticket. Every user that has come to us calm and ready to work out this issue has walked away with a smile. When the handful that haven’t resolved the issue make irrational and over exaggerated posts, it causes mass-hysteria. The fact is, the thousands that had their issue taken care of didn’t even bother to post up on forums because it was already resolved for them.

We don’t intend on putting users on the spot but we feel that we need to address another issue directly. Member “Gone Postal” has posted numerous accusations about Prizebook and we would like to resolve the matter right now. Hopefully by addressing this member directly we can prevent future similar incidents.

Gone Postal – We realize the misunderstanding that went on between you and customer service and we have apologized for that. We’ve realized our simple mistake and we’ve explained our situation. At no point did we ever lie to you or manipulate any verbatim to try and mislead you in anyway. There’s no reason to swear and threaten our customer service representatives when they have done nothing but be completely cooperative with you. There is no reason to post slander about our company and reiterate this Tickle issue as our “Tickle scam”. Your account is being reimbursed for the Tickle offer and a little bit more. It should be taken care of either by the end of the day on Friday or by Monday. Please be patient. You’re a grown adult and I believe that we could’ve approached this issue much faster and more effectively if you hadn’t put up such a strong emotional front. We want your business and let’s work on getting our relationship stronger. What can we do to gain your trust back?

We’d also like to remind users that Prizebook was created FOR the end user. We’ve seen dozens of freebie networks pass and go and we’re here to stay. We’ve never excessively banned users for silly reasons and ALWAYS give a user the chance to explain him/herself through our flagged-account process. We’ve given our members the due respect and cooperation to work through issues instead of giving up on them and banning them on the first sign of trouble. We would like the same respect reciprocated; meaning, please send in a support ticket and get the issue resolved instead of just giving up on us after the first sign of trouble. Although we sometimes think we are, we aren’t perfect.

That being said, we realize that we are in the wrong in this situation and that it is our responsibility to right the situation. If you have any questions, please let us know via support ticket as we will not be posting back responses on this forum. We love you all and we do mean all. Although it may seem like we were having problems with member “Gone Postal” we absolutely admire his courage and leadership to step up and call us out. Although some things were not true, we surely did deserve a little kick in the butt for the lack of ability to resolve his issue in a timely manner. We’ll be adding four new support staff on Friday. This means that all our support staff will be in orientation meetings all day so they can be prepared to handle issues in the future. So please do not become considered if the support tickets don’t get answered instantly.

Here at the Prizebook offices, we have a saying that we work by. It is from the recent movie, V for Vendetta “it is not the people that should be afraid of the government, the government should be afraid of the people.” To put this in context of what we’ve been talking about, WE WORK FOR YOU. If you’re not happy, we’re not doing our job. You all should never have to worry about offers crediting or getting pay outs on time. The worrying should be our job. WE should be worrying about if our members are happy and if we’re doing everything we can in our power to make sure that your Prizebook experience is the best freebie experience ever.

Like I stated early, I will not be responding back on this forum and if you have further questions, please send them via support ticket or post up on the forum.

God Bless,

Brian Wells
Customer Support Chief Supervisor[/quote4499558509]


11-08-2006 10:43:53

Excellent, Great statement. I admire that.