Free4Every1 LLC August promotion, 360 PREM, Nintendo DS,IPod

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[ba1eb981a12]This is a Non-CC Site[/ba1eb981a12]
I am the owner of Free4every1. I am running a promotion Aug 4th-Aug 31st. This promotion is for un-refered or refered members of the following 3 sites.

$25 Free4Every1

$50 Free4Every1

$100 Free4Every1

Everytime you recieve full credit for offers completed you will recieve one entry into the promotion.

You will recieve 2 extra entries for each site you complete during the time of the promotion.

If you sign up un-refered you will recieve an extra entry with each full credit completion.

If you start and finish all 3 sites you could get a total of 12 entries.

Grand Prize------choice--------1 prize available--------

360 Prem
$300 in cash

1st Prize---------choice----------1 available-------------

Nintendo DS
2GB iPod Nano
$150 in cash

2nd Prize-----------choice----------- 2 available-----------

1 GB iPod shuffle
$75 Visa Gift Cars
$75 Paypal

3rd prize---------------choice-----------2 available

1 Game any system
$50 Visa Gift Card
$50 Paypal

4th-------------choice---------------5 available

$25 Visa Gift Card
$25 Paypal

Just complete an offer and you are entered on any of the sites. The drawing will be held on Sept. 10. You will be contacted with the email you provided.

If you have any questions feel free to AIM, PM or Open a ticket to Free4every1llc.

Hey they have started a promotion Im doing 100.free4every1 and paying $4 for sign ups if anyone is interested pm me[/sizea1eb981a12]


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