Get5friends - Finished, How fast has this network been?

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06-08-2006 00:56:40

Just submitted for approval on get5friends for $225 paypal. Anyone complete this site recently? If so, how fast was everything?

Thanks guys.


06-08-2006 13:43:54

They answered a support ticket saying approvals take 1-3 business days (in which they just approved me anyways ) ), then shipment will be around the 20th of this month. WOOT


07-08-2006 09:10:32

And it's paypal so you don't have to wait for vendor distribution or shipment. Hope all goes quickly!


02-09-2006 09:50:49

Did you get your money?


02-09-2006 10:46:41

yeah, i was paid around the 20th of august )